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About Renew

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I have been working on this project for a while and am so excited to share it with you all. Here is a bit about how it all began...

The idea for this line came from a rainy day, pondering my younger years over a cup of tea. At a young age most of my clothes were hand-me-downs from my sister, Jenny. As I wanted to make my mark and break free from my sisters' style choices every item of clothing was, in my eyes, an opportunity for re-invention. Belated sorry, mum. Creating new looks out of previously owned items was - and still is - my jam. So, I decided to follow this idea, creating Renew.

I am someone who keeps my clothes until they fall apart. And for a while after that! I genuinely have some pants that have been with me for over 10 years. Their primary function left long ago. However, I still try valiantly (or foolishly) to ignore the fact that they are held together by loose elastic and wishful thinking! I know this is not everyone’s ideal look, and I am by no means expecting that the loosely draped pant-ish loin cloths from my underwear draw will be the next big trend. But the point I am trying to make is that it is great to get the most out of the material. And that I should probably invest in new pants.

Anyway, enough about my underwear...

I wanted to make a line with a low environmental impact. Sustainability is important to me; therefore, I look for creative ways to lower my carbon footprint. It is always good to try to fix/find a new purpose for clothes before recycling them. Recycling clothing is definitely a better practice than throwing it in landfill. However, the process of creating new fabric out of old clothes uses a vast deal of energy and water, not to mention the environmental cost of transportation. Finding ways to reuse old material cuts out the need for that entire production line. So, when you buy from Renew you can consider your carbon footprint lowered. You are most welcome!

So where does embroidery fit into this?

I absolutely love embroidery. A lot. You may have guessed that if you have spent any time with me or on my website. I find artists every day who blow my mind with what they can create out of a needle and thread. For my pieces I always want to design eye catching patterns full of vibrancy and colour. I have tried to create pieces that are engaging and original, that can be treasured. In the UK alone we throw away an estimated 350,000 tonnes of clothing every year, worth around £140 million, most of which (like these items) are still in great condition. Which absolutely blew my mind! There needs to a fundamental change in the way that we see our purchases, so that things are bought to last and be reused, rather than bought for now and then thrown away. I think that when things are beautiful, unique and truly loved, they are kept around for longer. I have designed these to be eye catching, statement pieces which can bring something bold and original to any outfit.

Renew celebrates reusing and revamping, not throwing away and I am so proud and excited to share it with you!

This is a line that I will be adding to so keep your eyes peeled for more releases....

As always thank you so much for your support of my business, it means that I can do what I love every day. And that is excellent!


The Threadanthropist


For information on what you can do to help reduce clothes waste head to the WRAP website-

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