This is the “Me Time” eye pillow. 


I was first introduced to eye pillows within my yoga practice (my version of “me time”). Now I use mine as my wind-down-and-relax routine nightly and can’t turn back! 


In this modern world many of us spend a large amount of time a day looking into screens. This may strain the muscles around the eyes and cause headaches and eye problems. This pillow provides a gentle weight on these muscles, relaxing them and potentially helping to relieve tensions in the head. It also works as a light blocker so in my opinion is the perfect thing to use in the evening to de-stimulate the brain and wind down after a long day spent at your screens. 


It could also improve your sleep. A warmed lavender scented pillow is my personal favourite for before bed - pop it on the radiator for 20 minutes and then lie back and relax. The beautifully soft aromas wash over you, relieving small anxieties from the day and lulling you into a calming, deep sleep.  


Why linseed?  


I fill my bags with Organic golden linseed. As a small, oily grain linseed provides an even spread of weight across the eyes an