These pocket pals can make for the perfect little pick me up throughout the day- or can be popped on your pillow at night to rock you into an empowered slumber! 


These versatile bags of greatness can ALSO be heated or cooled and used as a lightweight eye pillow! WoW! So freakin’ versatile! 


Like my eye pillows these are filled with a base of organic linseed, a small, oily grain which retains heat well and provides for an even spread of weight over the eyes (if you are using it as an eye pillow). 

To create the pillow I use repurposed second hand fabric to contribute to a circular way of living and give old fabric new life! So not only are these puppys brimming with empowerment, but they also come guilt free! Woohoo go you!


So, if you have a tough day where you need to put on your big gal/boy/person pants, hopefully these power pillows can help you to get through it with a “fuck it, I am a powerful being of awe and inspiration” kind of attitude! 


DO NOT USE AS A MEDICAL SUBSTITUTE. If you are suffering from anxiety, migranes or insomnia, please consult your doctor, only use this as an aid not a direct solution. I hope it can help you a little though. 



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